Student Assistants/ Graduate Assistants (SAGA) Processes to Undergo Computerization through eUP HRIS

The eUP Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Team conducted the Student Assistants/ Graduate Assistants (SAGA) Workshop and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on 15-16 September 2016 at the Vidal A. Tan Hall, University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman.
Attending the workshop were Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) staff from the different UP Constituent Universities (CUs): UP Baguio, UP Diliman, UP Los Banos, UP Manila, UPOU, and UP Visayas.
The new SAGA system is part of the University’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS). It will support the management of student and graduate assistants, and includes the following modules: Request for Slot/Appointment, Attendance, SAGA Data Management, Payroll, and Report Generation. HRIS for SAGA is aimed at being a technological solution for OSA in recruitment, information/ records management, timekeeping, and even payroll.
During the workshop, the eUP Team presented the system and how it may be utilized by OSA for administrative processes for SAGA, from recruitment to payroll. Participants then used the system themselves and had a chance to try out and test the various functionalities. Workshop participants are now all set to start using the system, and they stressed that their goal is to use the system in ensuring that services are provided to student and graduate assistants on time and with much efficiency (e.g. release of salary).
Attendees of the SAGA Workshop-UAT were able to try out the system themselves during the hands-on activity.
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Prof. Richard Gonzalo, the OSA staff and the HRIS team also took the time to confer on the current processes and policies relating to SAGA. Participants were thus able to share their experiences, practices and challenges faced. The attendees also provided their feedback on the system and suggested further enhancements so the system may better suit the users’ needs.
The next steps for the eUP staff together with the OSAs of the different CUs are to configure the system and to prepare the data, so an actual run of the information system may be tested and consequently implemented. Student and Graduate Assistants and Supervisors may also expect the release of the schedule of orientation and training once the system is ready, having been identified as key stakeholders in facilitating the adoption of the system.
Improving the efficiency of Human Resource Management is one of the key goals of the eUP Project. The HR Information System has now been rolled out in all CUs of the University, and to date over 82% of all UP employees have already logged in. Among the available features are employee data management, request for Travel Order/Authority, and online SALN and SPMS. Further, the HRIS Payroll Module is currently on a pilot test at UPOU. With these tools, and additional features to be developed in the future, UP staff as well as student and graduate assistants can be assured that their records will be ably managed and their needs will be efficiently met.