Formulation of Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP)

In July 2015, the Manila International Airport Authority has commissioned the Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC), a public service arm of the University of the Philippines, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of MIAA’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) System.
The goal of the study is to find out the present and future ICT requirements of MIAA specifically in the areas of ICT hardware, software, data management, manpower resources and connectivity. At the end of the assessment, the UP consultants are expected to provide MIAA with its Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP).
The ISSP is a required document and is submitted to the Information and Communications Office (ICTO) of the Department of Science and Technology. Moreover, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) use this same document as basis for the implementation of the government’s Medium-term Information & Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative (MITHI).
The ISSP has presented recommendations that will address the ICT needs of the MIAA for the next three (3) years. Through the project, a document was presented to the MIAA containing a set of actions that made alignment with the MIAA’s ICT initiatives. The ISSP has provided the MIAA with concrete recommendations on how to leverage on ICT such that long-term benefits will be realized by the agency.